Manual Guide for Advanced Swiss Scalper

Welcome to our Manual Guide for Advanced Swiss Scalper

First I will tell you that. Advanced Swiss Scalper will not need any external set files. Everything has been optimized from within the EA. The EA will naturally to better entry points, improve bad trade pairs. For setup, you just need attach EA on GBPCHF M15 chart. It will scan and trade 2 CHF pairs (in default setting). And we need pay attention 5 things below:

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– Recommended ECN Broker for EA – IC Markets:

– Recommended Cent/Micro Account Broker for EA – Exness:

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Link EA on MQL5 Market

1. Low spread brokers: I strongly recommend some trusted brokers that I tested it before:
Live Signal:
– ICMarkets :
– Pepperstone
More my reviews about forex brokers in here

2. The fast VPS with low ping: I recommend Chocoping VPS

3. Your time and Your patience: Unlike other risk strategies. When using the strategy with Taking Profit / Stop Loss on each order, profits will not be able to increase in a straight line. There will be ups and downs naturally, but the mid – long term profit from 1 – 2 months will usually always be positive.

4. Set up News Filter:
Add the following 2 URL’s to the MT4/MT5’s settings (Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors -> Allowed URL’s):
These are necessary for the news filter.

5. Money Management: Usually, this time will take place in 1-2 months depending on the stage. If you are still confident and want to use real money, please follow this recommend and minimum capital:

Minimum Deposit $200/0.01 lot/ 2 pairs
Recommend Deposit $500/0.01 lot/ 2 pairs for Auto lot


6. For Brokers with suffix, prefix: You need to type the exact symbol with suffix,prefix in the Symbol seperated by comma field instead of leaving 2 pairs as default. For example: CHFJPY.ecn,GBPCHF.ecn instead of just keep CHFJPY,GBPCHF

7. Panel
Below the information display panel there are 2 function buttons:

– New Orders: The EA will stop opening new orders after closing old orders (users manually close orders or wait for EAs to process and close orders)
– Close Orders:
EA closes all existing orders that EA is managing immediately. The EA will then stop opening new orders until the user presses this button again

8. Parameters:
— EA Basic Parameters —
Stop New Year Trading: Stop open new orders during New Year
Orders Comment
Magic Number
Symbol Seperated by comma: Multicurrency pairs trading
Lot Size Style:  1. Fixed Lot/ 2. Autolot by Balance
Initial Lot: Lot size that EA can open. Depend on Lot Size Style
Balance Step: The level of capital growth so that the EA can open orders with the function 2. Autolot by Balance. Take for example: Balance Step = 100. Initial Lot = 0.01. This means that every time your Balance increases by $100, the EA will automatically increase the order size to 0.01. Balance is $100, EA opens 0.01. Balance is $200, EA opens 0.02. Balance is $300, EA opens 0.03.
— Chart Parameters —
Information Panel: True/False – Show/Hide panel for information in chart
Draw Profit: Show profit on chart
— Account Management (Prop Trading Firms Challenge) Parameters —
Hard Stop Loss Range: Magic (Close all orders when DD is reaching, manage by Magic number)/ Whole_order (Close all orders when DD is reaching, manage by all your account)/ Off
Hard Stop Loss (in Money): Close all orders when DD reaches threshold (in money by balance)
Hard Stop Loss (%): Close all orders when DD reaches % balance
Stop trading after Hard Stop Loss: Stop trading with EA after cutting all loss orders
Stop open New Orders by Panel: Stop open New Orders after cutting all loss orders by push on “New Orders” button on Panel
Stop open New Orders without Panel: Stop open New Orders after cutting all loss orders by inside EA. But you will need re-attach EA to make it can work again

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