Manual Guide for Advanced Japanese Breakout

EA Name: Advanced Japanese Breakout

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1. Link on MQL5 Market

Live signal:

2. Conditions to winning with Advanced Japanese Breakout
We have 2 conditions to make Advanced Japanese Breakout works well in real account like my live signal. Please check these 2 conditions below carefully.

– The first and most important that I would recommend is that you must use low spread brokers for the best results. Essentially, this is because the EA uses trailing in order to protect the position, not letting it go from positive to negative, but instead, taking a short profit if gold comes back to retest in order to protect the account. Using brokers with too high spreads or having a high spread account will result in protection orders turning from profits to losses. I recommend some brokers with low-spread accounts here.

– The second you need patience with EA. Please check my live signal to make sure how much trades EA can open in 1 week. Since this is an EA that doesn’t use any dangerous tactics. To get save your money, enter only 1 order with stop loss. So you need to feel comfortable that the EA won’t trade a lot and continuously (like Advanced Gold Trading or Advanced Gold Scalper). Also, the results are usually long term like 1-2 months. I recommend that you combine it with Advanced Gold Trading or Advanced Gold Scalper for good trading results in the short, medium and long term.

Advanced Japanese Breakout is an EA optimized for a trading breakout with JPY pairs only.

How to Set Up EA correct: 
For the first time I bring to the community a true Plug and Play EA. You just need to do the following 2 steps to use the EA and DO NOT NEED ANY SET FILE:
– Attach the EA to the chart. Using Time Frame: M30
– Choose Fixed Lot or Auto Lot according to balance depending on risk appetite. Recommended safe level is $100/0.01 lot

3. FAQ
– What is Plug and Play EA?
Plug and Play EA abbreviated as PnP EA means that the EA does not need to set up any further technical factors to have good trading results. The technical elements have been optimized in the EA for the simplest and most convenient for users. All you need to do is attach the EA to the chart, choose the lot size and let the EA work automatically.
– What is the difference between 3 Advanced Gold EA ?
More details here

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