Manual Guide For Advanced Hedge

EA Name: Advanced Hedge

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 1. Link on MQL5 market: 



     2. Parameters:
– Initial Volume — Starting lot of series
– Volume Multiplier — Number Multiply
– Max. Volume — Max lot that EA will trade
– Max. Locked Orders — times EA will open hedge at grid
– Take profit — take profit
– Stoploss in money — EA will hard stoploss by floating DD
– Grid net Step — grid size
– Slippage — slippage numbers allowed by EA
– Magic — transaction ID

2. Panel: 

“Stop All” = “Open New Orders” => It will prevent EA from opening new 2 trades. EA will always open 1 new trade buy and 1 new trade sell. But when you tick 1 or 2. It will stop opening 2 new trades. (It still continues to process old trades)
“Buy Orders” + “Sell Orders” => It will prevent EA from opening new buy orders in Grid series. Pay attention that it’s in Grid series. The original logic for first trade always opens 1 buy trade and 1 sell trade at start. That’s EA’s logic, not error “Close Buy” button clicked, will close the buy trade BUT it opens new buy trade “Close Buy” + “Close Sell”  => Close all buy and sell orders

     3. Recommend and Setfile:

Min Deposit: $1000/ 1 Pair
Set file: Default set file is recommended for currency pairs
If you want more safe, you can use this custom set file:

     4. Backtesting Report:

Pairs: #GBPUSD
Period Test: June 10, 2020 – January 15, 2022
✅ Profit (%): 467.39%
✅ Average annual profit (%): 337.34%/ 1 year
✅ Profit trades (% of total): 2348 (86.04%)
✅ Total net profit: $2009.81
✅ Relative Drawdown: $339.66
✅ Deposit Recommend: $430/ 0.01 lot

Pairs: #AUDCAD
Period Test: January 4, 2021 – December 13, 2021
✅ Profit (%): 297.16%
✅ Average annual profit (%): 329.73%/ 1 year
✅ Profit trades (% of total): 235 (67.53%)
✅ Total net profit: 1129.21
✅ Relative Drawdown: 298.49
✅ Deposit Recommend: $380/ 0.01 lot

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