Best Pairs to Trade During New York Session

As a forex trader, you need to know there are 4 trading sessions for forex trading in the duration of 24 hours. All are different in the different segments of the day. Also, you must have knowledge about New York Session; this is the duration when US markets begin to trade and a big amount of volume floods and liquidity into the market.

The most important thing is to achieve the chances and currency pairs during a specific period of time. So keep the focus on which best forex pairs to trade during the New York session.

What time is the New York session in forex?

The New York session is basically the authorized session of the foreign exchange market, which occurred in New York City, United States.It starts at 08:00 EST and ends at 17:00 EST.

Or in terms of GMT, New York starts trading at 13:00 and ends at 22:00.

What are the best Pairs to Trade During New York Session?

Right after the completion of the London Session, volatility drops instantly. Also, the market liquidity decrease in a few specific hours if you feel a continuous downfall in the market. All you need to do is update your trading strategy.

The best pairs for trading during the New York Session because of ex volatility and trend following direction are:

  1. USD/JPY
  2. EUR/JPY
  3. EUR/USD
  4. GBP/USD
  5. GBP/JPY
  6. USD/CHF

Above mentioned pairs are liquid enough, but their liquidity graph is at its peak when it comes to the overlap duration. The market opens with the NY session and ends with the London sessions.

Best Forex Pairs to Trade During London and New York Session?

When it comes to trading in the New York session best currency pair for trading is EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY.


The EUR/USD is the best-traded forex pair in the world of trading. European session overlaps with the new york opening session as European traders continuously buy and sell currency pairs during the overlapping. It will give you maximum opportunities and liquidity for a better trading experience.


The GBP/USD is well-known currency pair that helps in New York trading. By using this currency again, you will face overlapping with London trading Session. This is no doubt a good indicator of better growth of the economy between two trading countries.


The USD/JPY is famous forex currency pair that is safer and provides risk-free opportunities. You can say these above-mentioned currency pairs for better trading opportunities.

Final Thoughts

When the market has a high liquidity trend, trading will be on a lower ratio due to a reduced spread. But the overlap period provides maximum opportunities to get better profit percentage, the time you will get maximum liquidity and volatility.

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